Surviving in the Networking Jungle

Surviving in the Networking Jungle

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Like Tarzan, who stands out because he knows how to communicate with all species of the jungle, successful people are those who have developed excellent skills to create lasting, friendly and mutually beneficial relationships. Their master card? Networking. A powerful tool that goes far beyond the exchange of business cards.

At the same time entrepreneur and high-level networker, Réjean Gauthier has developed a simple and effective method to help you establish this type of links with your current contacts and to significantly expand your network. In this book, he unveils strategies to be implemented on the spot to get closer to the people likely to propel you to success. How to reach out to others and make new contacts? How to target high-potential relationships? What relationships do they have with them? The best ways to take care of your network. He responds concretely to all these questions, explaining in particular how to become a listening pro and an ace of follow-up thanks to the new tool that is the Scale of RG. In addition to clear advice and an effective approach, this book features testimonials from business people and students about how networking has changed their lives.

Whether you are a post-secondary student, a young entrepreneur or a self-employed worker, enter the networking jungle and wake up the Tarzan or Jane inside you!

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